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OUR CLIENT contacted Quarters because she liked our bold style. She was starting a new career in bridal couture and wanted to create a special dress buying experience from a chic interior with wow factor. She had obtained a characterful little shop in a Tudor building for what promised to be an incredible adventure. Her enthusiasm was infectious and we were excited about it too!

THE CHALLENGES she faced included the layout - fitting a number of different requirements into a relatively small, awkward space with very uneven floors, walls and ceilings. It was a Grade II Listed Building so there were certain restrictions on what could be done and she had to comply with Health and Safety and Fire Regulations. But there was an ancient wood floor just begging to be polished up…Quarters carried out a measuring survey and created three layout options for the Client, discussing the positives and negatives of each. We also presented her with a mood board and a detailed report on how to achieve her design with finishes, furniture, soft furnishings and fitting, and meet her legal responsibilities.

OUR CLIENT SAID: "I could not be happier with the work that has been produced for me and I have a great foundation to get my project off the ground."

THE BOUTIQUE has since featured in Wedding Style Collective’s top bridal boutiques in the South-West:

“Last but certainly not least, Willoughby and Wolf is a quirky bridal boutique that you will absolutely remember. Their chic boutique is something of an Instagram dream and the team here fully encourage you to snap away, check in and take your best selfie."

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