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THE USUAL RESIDENT of this room had recently left home for university and the room desperately needed re-decorating. The family wanted a room that would be comfortable and a bit special for guests, but with decor that suited their son when he was home from university. The challenges were an unattractive window with a radiator beneath and restricted space for the needs of two different types of occupant.

QUARTERS ANALYSED the space to arrive at a layout that could accommodate both sets of needs. In this case it was necessary to source actual pieces of furniture to fit, as space was critical and the Client feared that there would not be room for the double bed they wanted. An ottoman bed with large storage space beneath was the game changer for this room, along with a super slim but very long chest, with lots of drawer space. Easy access storage means that even large items can be hidden away or accessed very quickly. Floor length curtains with a hard pelmet distract attention from the window and give a luxurious hotel room feel. Family holidays provided the inspiration for the decor, with a desert-inspired paint effect creating beautiful coloured light and a relaxing atmosphere.

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